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Paladin Warrior skill

Sorry iIgot message that I wrote last time in wrong place.

I am intrested in playing paladi (warrior/druid) role.

So I have skill request.

Item skill / Warrior skill
Self use / Target use

Shield that gibes you x amount of shield for x am9unt of time. And in perios shield is on player, to heal that player for x amount.

I am also intrested when i cast shield skills in same time which one shield absorb demage first?
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Re: Paladin Warrior skill

Would be cool tbh. The closest class to a paladin atm is a ranger, but to enable some of those traits for a war could be cool.

I think the over powered atributes of druids healing abilities make the need for a paladin low, however it would still be cool to see a class like that.
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Re: Paladin Warrior skill

Chuck Norris wrote:
Apples-Bele wrote:It’s a nice idea but druids are barely needed for most bosses I don’t think they should be further nerfed

Yea because there is no exp lost for death.... and thats bs

If there was lost exp for death then a lot of over levelled toons would be idol spamming bt lmao
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