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Re: BadaBing Clan Charter

Agentyamski wrote:
Bitey wrote:III) Code of Conduct

c) Hacking - Modifying the game files in any way to gain an unfair advantage over other players is not permitted. It is against OTM policy, and therefore any player that does this will be reported via the in-game support tool.

I know at least one member who has broken this code, they did it in the arena on crammok while I was waiting for my turn to kill him for my quest. They got rid of the collisions text or whatever it's called, and put crammok into the wall so no one could attack it. I will pm you either when I see you in game (if I can find my device) or if I can't talk to you there, I'll PM you here.

On another note, I'm very pleased to see the opinions bada has on everything, I was never sure how the clan viewed things, and I'm glad you took the time to answer all questions as of now (of course probably more to come).

Lol no hacking at all, its just a simple glitch that nukegurl has explained, and I think who you are talking about but *Name removed* does not even now how to hack à thing.
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Re: BadaBing Clan Charter

I was wanting to know if i could join BadaRTC i know that people think that i am just some guy who likes to annoy people, and im sorry for that. Im trying to change the way i speak to other players. If you could pls consider this request it would be greatly appreciated.
- AmericanTank

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