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Re: History debate

The Roman for many rea...............
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Re: History debate

It depends, in some places, even if used to be conquered by both empires, they're still more influenced by the british.

Israel is more influenced by british empire, so is India I believe.
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Re: History debate

I think that the British Empire was more influential. English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and many foreign countries such as China add English to their school curriculum. You can still see the impact of the British everywhere. The British drove out the Native Americans which eventually ended up becoming the United States. They also had many colonies in Africa, which is why many African nations such as South Africa have English as their official language. Heading over to the dark side, the British Crown and early company rule caused many native civilizations to collapse. Then, they were enslaved and forced to work the land. This resulted in cycles of poverty and death. They also brought over Old World diseases wherever they went. Last of all, they were the key reason why the majority of Chinese people smoke and the motivation behind China's industrialization after China was defeated in the Opium War.
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Re: History debate

I say Roman, they invented most infrastructure...roads etc, invented cement, wine, Central heating...am sure I could think of more if I wasn't sat on the toilet at work and could actually look for some more.
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