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Re: Discuss your current favourite class and why?


My favorite class is probably Ranger, because:
1. Its not very popular (meaning slightly easier chance of getting gear).
2. Can be either support or damage or a hybrid between the two (sharpen weps and light heal are amazing).
3. Is needed at most bosses if there aren't enough druids or a tank (for bolas). And even if there are druids and a tank, can allow a group to kill a boss that they may not be able to kill otherwise.

A close second would be a mage though, due to lures and nuke damage. Druid would be third, because heals are amazing, and so are their buffs....also druids tend to be some of the nicer players on the server. Rogue would be fourth, simply because everyone else likes it...its no fun being one of 8 rogues in your clan, all waiting for the same gear. Then warrior would be my least favorite...although tbh I've never played past 80, mostly because I didn't want to buy all new lux that would only last for 20 levels xD.
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Re: Discuss your current favourite class and why?

My favorite class has to be my ranger. warriors are fun indeed, but at times when I was tanking I felt rather useless at the efforts of locking bosses over our competition. I know tanking is needed but when our clan has trouble locking bosses I knew my time and efforts were needed elsewhere. And that's the birth of my ranger. No its not the soul purpose our clan locked, but it was another dps in the group. And its a rush when I received kills I bosses. But over and above all it is awesome to help my clan when we need it to succeed and proceed to better stronger bosses. :)

Re: Discuss your current favourite class and why?

Rogue is my favorite right now. It is a refreshing change to crank out DPS with skills that work. Granted my rogue is fairly low level but it is fun to mow down mobs.

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Re: Discuss your current favourite class and why?

Rogue because with my 1k HP sigils its the best class to solo with but it changes like I have 172 ranger (main) 194 rogue alt and 150 warrior so warrior was third made and I didn't want a war but was only class next I'd wanna do but quit it so a elemental class might be next.
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