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Re: Dream car

Liviticus wrote:A Bugatti Veyron ss at top speed can go for 12... Minutes without having to refuel.

Yes but when you consider its top speed is 431 km/h
Which is 7 km a minute, then you understand why it empties its tank so quickly, as speed increases fuel consumption increases dramatically

Re: Question about outer space

I have heard they are planning to colonize mars by 2030, that's about 15-16 years from now. First they will go to the moon then mars. I have a book that says this but it's probably not accurate. I think overpopulation is a problem, there is tons of people in the world that are starving and forced t...

Re: Question about outer space

spynu wrote:Apparently space never stops growing so technically is infinite

It might not be, our visible universe is expanding but that is cos it expands faster than light, it could be shrinking and we would think it is growing because from our perspective, it is expandin

Re: Question about outer space

Here is my view on the matter... Live life man. No need to worry about something that really doesn't matter. Am I correct does it really matter? Instead of worrying about the boundaries of space wasting billions of dollars on useless info with expensive telescopes. Why not put it towards curing Can...

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