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Cooking mastery rate

I got bored trying to max cooking mastery so did a little experiment for 4 heroic lixes, cooking gruel. Top line is how many I started out with, number to the right is the change.

cookingsm.png (214.24 KiB) Viewed 368 times

The third one I had fewer exquisite and perfected, so got less mastery but more proficiency.

Re: High Level CH cooks

I wish they would fix it as well or add a favorited list so we can pin certain recipes to the top of the page. It would help a lot...scrolling is the only thing I dislike about cooking. +1 on fixing the scrolling. Just make it so it stays in the same place on the list after the last food is cooked....

Re: Mastery / Proficiency affect Culinarian recipe drop

Yes but they drop VERY slowly. Got first after about 100 kills, then a long dry spell of about 200 -300, then two more. Got Caviar (pierce) Pavlova (focus) and Lemon Meringue pie (vitality). I’m hoping there’s one for energy. Pavlova and Lemon Meringue Pie both use Meringue, so it’s kind of a bottle...

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