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Re: Introduce yourself

Hello everyone! I used to play a mage on IOS server Epona by the name of Lugician.. Stupid ios connection and here I am with you guys! Miss my friends, but I hope to make new ones.. I'm a level 64 rogue named MusicMan
Happy Hunting

Re: Stat help

But you can't use sneak against reds without hide unless they target someone else right?

Re: keyboard doesn't work

Did anything work? I've tried different keyboard on my phones.. At first it would be invisible.. Now it comes up but when I try typing it goes away yet keeps the chat box up in the middle of my screen.. It's quite irritating.. And I even clear my ram usage before I do it!

Re: 2016 goals

Real life - Have a successful music career

Ch - I recently transferred to android from ios and lost everything, so I hope I can make it up the ranks again and just be a help to the community

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