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old items sale

Now that i've seen myself coming on more and more, I found I had a few items I may need and im lacking the funds, so im thinking I might sell a few of my old items. Just post your offer or something 2011 festive sled - open to offers royal shield of the mountain golden blade of ice mighty fur helm o...

my good bye

i never actually said good bye so now i will.
the game eventually got boring and other games became appealing to me... im now hooked on warcraft and will only be online to say hello or something like that.

but you never know, i might come back and start playing again. Anywho, have fun.

Re: Dont trust Infection !!!

How dare you accuse someone when you are a well known scammer yourself; you are obviously on a glory hunt trying to find reasons to give people a bad name. I have no respect for you and your goddesses account, god knows how many times it's been sold. P.s I doubt your little voice will be heard, infe...

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