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Introducing the Dark Lord

Updated 6th July 2020

Hello minions,

I'm Voldemort and am based in Lugh and Balor. Because of my busy busy life, I am only occasionally on. I have 3 accounts: a warrior, druid and mage although my warrior is my predominant account. I've been playing since July 2011 but haven't levelled that much in-game - I spend more time on the forums making your lives a misery!

A bit about myself: I am a doctor in London; I am a real spelling, punctuation and grammar nazi; I enjoy swimming, photography (and of course Celtic Heroes after gathering a few death eaters) and like to play an active role in the game's community. I was born and am still living in London. Oh, and I also enjoy a bit of maths ;).

You may be thinking that Harry Potter killed me, but I have returned from the dead and will take out my evil on you. And yes, I have no nose but I do nose around through your posts a lot! ;)

I first joined the game as a Mage called Voldemort after my brother recommended the game to me on our summer holiday. Since he was called Dumbledore, I made Voldemort! I joined the clan DarkKnights soon after starting, where I spent most of my time in the catacombs competing for the Revenant Lords of Donn with others (since it was the only one that gave me enough experience!). I made a forum account during this time, where I started posting the odd thing: mostly improvements and complaints. I was inspired by some users (namely Teaweasel and a few others), and became more active as time went on. Then update 2 arrived with a few changes - I kept getting jealous of everyone else with their chieftain helmets! Then came update 3 where I moved to the exciting Shalemont Ravine and Stonevale. I levelled a bit, bought an ancient great maul and started the warden quest. Around that time, clan Ancients was in its early days and I joined once I reached level 60. Then came the Otherworld with a massive rush for everyone to get the keys to get in! Not long after, I got the honour of beta testing expansion 4 (Dragonfire) and also became a moderator for the forums the following February. I slowed down levelling once I started my A Levels and now here I am! I beta tested in the closed test for the new engine in the autumn of 2014. Now I'm just a humble warrior, slowly levelling up and improving when I get the time.

So there you have it! :D

Fact File
Playing Since: 16th July 2011
Born: 26th June
Location: London, United Kingdom
Siblings: I have a twin brother
Favourite Colour: Blue
Hobbies: Swimming, cycling, hiking, volunteering, photography*
Occupation: Medical doctor
Favourite Musician(s): I quite like Imagine Dragons at the moment!
Favourite TV Show: Game of Thrones and the Crown!
Languages Spoken: English, Greek, a little French and German.

My Main Device
Samsung Galaxy S10+| Android 10

My Main Characters
Voldemort1 | Warrior | Level 127+ | Clan Ancients since summer 2012

Voldemort | Druid | Level 30

Remember to be wary if someone offers to trade you in-game: ask for proof that it's me!

Are you employed by One Thumb Mobile?

No, I am a volunteer that has agreed to look after the forums. I don't get anything for it, and I don't have a say or any inside information about what's going on with the game's development.

How did you become a moderator?

One Thumb Mobile asked me one day - there's no application process. If you want to know more details, send the Community Manager a message.

For how long have you been playing Celtic Heroes?

Since 16 July 2011. 8-)

How much time do you spend in-game/on the forums?

I spend a little time (maybe half an hour a week) playing the game, usually in short bursts. I get easily bored levelling, and I often have other commitments. I spend more time (about 2-3 hours per day) on the forums as it's more interesting for me and I love the community, and volunteering for it!

Do you play any other games?

I like the Walking Dead Game, Assassin's Creed, Halo, and Watch Dogs.

How did you come up with your username?

Well my brother joined back in the Summer of 2011 as Dumbledore and he recommended the game to me almost immediately after. He chose Dumbledore as he was a mage, and I also wanted to be a mage so I chose Voldemort - not quite a Celtic theme haha! I get loads of French people on my world asking if I know the language because Voldemort means 'Flight of Death' or something along those lines in French!

Can you suggest something to One Thumb Mobile/Virtual Realms?

Just like you, I am a regular player that has no say in what the developers are planning or doing. The best place to contact OTM/VR is on here, the forums.

Questions? Problems?
If you think I have moderated unfairly, the best way to deal with it is to send me a private message.

If you want to know more about me, feel free to comment here or PM me and I'll be happy to add it to this post!

*Some pictures I took






Re: Introducing the Dark Lord

Hail Dark Lord Voldemort:

It is a pleasure to make your aquaintance. As a necromancer, let me offer my congratulations on your revival. I always found coming back from that realm left me a tad irritable. However, minions are a wonderful stress reliever if you find yourself annoyed. I personally prefer fast acting poisons with dramatic effects tho i heard you are partial to a well cast crucio. May your reign be long and your ememies perish.

Please give my fondest regards to Nigini.


Dark Lady Rosethorn of Rhainnon
Honored Scribe to Rapture Eve
Rhiannon Mage lvl 200+

-Clan Member of InnerCircle.
-Past Guardian of RaptureEve, Dead but never forgotten.

Re: Introducing the Dark Lord

Dark Lord Voldemort:

Consider me not a follower but a powerful ally to you. Though we are based in different worlds, our darkness and power are very simular. Should you ever wish to visit me in my realm, i shall be most happy to accommodate. My world has seen my terror and has cowered before me, thus it is fairly peaceful if just a little bloody now and then. Though i am sure you are very busy in Lugh wreaking havoc, even a Dark Lord needs a vacation.

Along with this missive are a few treats for Nigini. I do hope she likes the champagne berkshire and white burmese rats. I heard they are tasty treats for a snake of her breed.


Dark Lady Rosethorn of Rhiannon
Rhiannon Mage lvl 200+

-Clan Member of InnerCircle.
-Past Guardian of RaptureEve, Dead but never forgotten.

Re: Introducing the Dark Lord

Rose thorn we do not cower before ur might
"Don't quote me boy cause I ain't said sh*t "

Me and my brothers are lads and you can get free lad points. FIFA 16 is rubbish boo.


Send me gold so I can buy 5% mounts. Mail Nub Main on Rhiannon

Re: Introducing the Dark Lord

*Walks in* Wooooh! The Boy Who Lived has defeated He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named! C'mon everybody, let's grab a drink! :D

:shock: Oh. What's going on here? :? Nevermind me, I think I'll just head home. Good evening...

*Hurries out*
Griesbachan, Level 76+ Druid
Inhabitant of the realm of Lugh
Proud Recruit of Clan Ancients

Once I get to level 80, get full Green Shadow Armor, and get myself an icon, I'd be interested in having an artisic rendering of my character for my sig. :D

Re: Introducing the Dark Lord

Haha, guess what Nosy. Snake Venom is only bad for you if it's injected directly into your blood stream! :lol:

:shock: I shouldn't have said that.
Griesbachan, Level 76+ Druid
Inhabitant of the realm of Lugh
Proud Recruit of Clan Ancients

Once I get to level 80, get full Green Shadow Armor, and get myself an icon, I'd be interested in having an artisic rendering of my character for my sig. :D

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