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Re: IOS Issues

Same, cant login using ipad air or iphone, just endless cycle of “checking for update” but can play on my android

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Re: IOS Issues

Same-here, Both my Iphone and Ipad have been stuck on the loading screen for awhile now. Today i noticed they were stuck on the continuous circle "Checking for updates", so i checked the app store and noticed a update, Now the Spinning circle is gone and is Back to being stuck on the loading screen.

Re: IOS Issues

Same exact problem. Yesterday I could log in just fine without the update. Today says checking for update and I updated. One of my iPads can log in my other cant get past the check update loading screen iPad Air 2. Please fix this guys like what the frig the update sucked anyways why it have to be even worse than suck :(

Edit* I deleted app reinstalled it works now just fine
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Re: IOS Issues

Hey All,

This morning i experienced same issue in terms of "waiting for update".. all i had to do to solve this is go to the AppStore and there was an update for Celtic Heroes. After updating the game issue seemed to go away and the game is running just fine. Hopefully this will help some of you. If in case this doesn't help.. best bet is to just reinstall the game completely.
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Re: IOS Issues

Spark2011 wrote:Updated, deleted and reinstalled. The updating circle is gone, but now back to being stuck on the loading screen once again....

are you trying to login in by pressing "continue" or you logging in from character selection screen.. cause if you able to get to the character select screen i would suggest to use the "Character Stuck" option to see maybe it has something to do with the location of the character (had some like that happen to me).

And if that doesn't help.. i guess only thing gonna be left to do is wait until Dev Team comes back to work and fixes this issue.
You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover. But You Can By Its First Few Chapters And Certainly By Its Last.

Re: IOS Issues


There is an update for iOS users in the store (Version 3.7.3), please make sure that you've updated to the latest version of Celtic Heroes.

If you continue to have issues loading the game, please contact our support team at support@onethumbmobile.com.

Thank you.

Re: IOS Issues

Hi Difinitus
The update has had no effect and quite a few of us are still stuck on the loading page. I have emailed support and over the last week or two, they have been unable to provide us with a effective resolution.

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