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Fishing Statistics

After a long week grinding Tarnished relics at Stonevale Lake, I recorded various statistics from the journey. Hopefully the community can gain some benefit from this report.

If any photos here expire, pm me and I will reupload.

1. Rippling Waters Distribution

I fished from 5687 Rippling/Wise Waters spawns, resulting in the following drop chart:


This shows the drop rate of relics to be ~0.15%, so you can expect one relic every ~650 fish. Rings and relics had the same drop rate, Nodens Marks had double.

Using the following prices, the expected value from fishing at Stonevale Lake was found to be 35g/fish:
- Common Fish (9), Uncommon Fish (28), Rare Fish (28), Clam (180), Boot (1), Nodens Marks (0), Rings (500), Relics (0), Lockbox (500)
If you were to sell the relics for 65k/each (a general price on Taranis), the expected value becomes 138g/fish.

Shimmering Waters were not included in these counts, however I found Shimmering Waters to spawn 1.28% of the time (n=74). Including the Stonevale Lake shimmering water fish (Golden Trout) brings the expected value to 53g/fish (keeping relics) or 154g/fish (selling relics). I expect the expected values to increase by a few gold with each higher level fishing spot.

Doing a brief survey in Shalemont (n=842) showed similar results, as did Fingals (n=683). I expect these percentages are roughly true for all areas.

2. Sunken Lockbox Distribution

I opened 474 Sunken Lockboxes, resulting in the following drop chart:


This distribution did not surprise me at all, and brings the expected value to about 1.5k/box using the following (Taranis) prices:
- Res Idol (50), Res Potion (150), 5 plat (5000), Super Max HP/EN Elix (500), Super Regen HP/EN Elix (1000), Super Know (2500), Super Haste (2000), Super Attack/Defense (1000), Super Armor/Travel (1000), Concentration Potion (300), Mount Tokens (100k)

It's important to note that the mount tokens and a particularly lucky reward of 150 plat make up the majority of that expected value. Without them, the expected value is about 500g/box.

3. Clam Distributions

I opened 356 Marsh Clams, resulting in the following drop distribution:


While I was expecting the Lustrous Pearl rate to be higher (perhaps because it contains Enchanted Pearls), the expected value of the Marsh Clam is 88g/clam (if you keep the Enchanted pearls) or 184g/clam (if you sell Enchanted Pearls for 1k/each). Considering lockboxes have an expected value of ~500g with only a 3% drop rate difference, I was expecting the clams to have a substantially higher expected value. I also opened 274 Rock Clams (Fingals) with a pearl split of 81%-Blemished, 17.5%-Smooth, and 1.5%-Lustrous, with an expected value of 96g.

DogFur of Taranis opened 300 Gold-lip Clams, resulting in the following drop distribution:


This brings an expected value of 380g/clam, much more in line with what I would expect from clams, and mostly due to a higher Lustrous Pearl drop rate in these clams.

4. Reel Power

Reel Power was found to be solely reliant on the skill level. While I have not unlocked every rod, Reel Power pretty closely correlates (R2=1) with the linear function power = 32.9 * level - 118. The first five Reel levels seem to follow a more quadratic trend so I did not include them in the equation. It seems VR manually chose the stats for the first five rods instead of following a mathematical function.


5. Bear Taming and Bear Levels

Catch power vs Bear Taming ability were found to almost perfectly match the function power = 6 * ability ^ (1/3).


Data was also recorded for the other bears, with the following Catch power increases:
Level 2 bear increases Catch by 72% over Level 1
Level 3 bear increases Catch by 50% over Level 2
Level 4 bear increases Catch by 88% over Level 3
Level 5 bear increases Catch by 57% over Level 4
Level 6 bear increases Catch by 27% over Level 5

5. Concentration

Maximum concentration was found to increase 18.75 per level. Concentration regeneration was found to be a constant +4/tick at all fishing levels / fishing abilities. Fishing ability (and the Fishing addition of some rods/bracelets) appears to work just like attack does for regular mobs.

That concludes the report, if anyone else has done similar tests I would love to combine the data and update this thread. Shout-out to DogFur (Taranis) for his data contributions.

My living spreadsheet of Celtic Heroes statistics can be found here.
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Re: Fishing Statistics

Wow can't imagine all the effort you poured into this, very good job :o
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