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You are probably wondering what is happening at the moment and why are the servers down. Let us shed some light on the situation.
Due to a glitch related to the Clan Bank that allowed players to duplicate items, we had to roll back all progress made between 10/04/22 at 12:30 PM CET and 10/04/22 at 04:45 PM CET. This action was necessary in order to prevent an economic crisis in the game.

How does that affect you? Any advancement achieved during this time in your account will be removed. Unfortunately, there was no other solution to the current predicament. We had to act as quickly as we could in order to prevent further harm to the game economy.


Any purchases made in the aforementioned time frame will be gone as well. Please do not panic, we have a solution for that in place. In order to return the purchased package, you will need to send a screenshot of your full receipt and account information to our support team so they can add the items back to your account.

We understand the way you feel right now and we want to assure you that our team is currently working around the clock on a fix.

We apologize deeply for the situation and want to thank you for the reports and patience! In that regard, as a sign of our appreciation, we have prepared a Double XP event that will start this week. Further details about the event will be shared very soon.

- Your Celtic Heroes Team

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