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How VR can resuscitate this dying game quick and easy

The lack of new contents and slow update of QoL changes have made many lost interest in this game. It is dying a slow death.

One way to resuscitate interest in this game is to buff the drop rates for higher tier items for endgame bosses. Like every dhio kill should guarantee a weapon. Every bt kill should drop a helm. In this way, many more will return to the game.

Rather than let it die, buffing the higher tier endgame drops is a quick and easy way to rekindle interest in this game.

Re: How VR can resuscitate this dying game quick and easy

It is a misconception that the harder it is for the best items to drop, the more people would want to come back for the raid. After a while people lost their patience knowing that after 3 years of playing and killing the endgame bosses, the best items didn’t drop. Just like people stop buying incubators in the hope of hatching a shiny deino when the hatch rate is almost zero percent. Making it easier to get the best drops would on the other hand make more people continue to play. So VR needs to rethink this.

Re: How VR can resuscitate this dying game quick and easy

It will take more than just increased drop rates now. Other games are out and offer better content on a whole new level. Celtic heroes is dead they're not doing anything to fix it till Warhammer drops and fails harder than heroes age did.. There's plenty that could be done but grass looks greener on the other side to them. It was a fun game while it lasted but I think this is the end, you can tell them over n over again but nothing is changing. I recommend finding another game, this isn't a negative post I'm just saying. I loved Celtic too but players deserve better than what they get from this game and the ones who run it, the lack of consideration is immense with everything here from support to the forum to the game itself. I'm not bashing VR either, again, just being honest. One Thumb Mobile should have kept this game.

Re: How VR can resuscitate this dying game quick and easy

Razazam wrote:The game is in a situation similar to TF2 essentially.
Despite having a dedicated player base with plenty of players, the company chooses not to update it.

This game is a lost cause. It's better to move on and find a replacement.

This honestly sucks to hear, I don't know about others but I think the only reason I still play CH is because I've been around since late 2011. MMO's really aren't my go to and CH is the only game of its type that I would want to play. For me there isn't really an alternative game, I don't think I would have the drive to grind up another character and develop a reputation on a server like I have here.
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Re: How VR can resuscitate this dying game quick and easy

2 easy ways :

1) hardmode with 1 guaranteed weapon/godly drop. Old low bosses will have their godly drop level ”upped” to 210.

For example :
Hrungnir hardmode is accessed once all his troll adds in the area are dead before they can respawn.

Hrungnir hardmode starts enraged, has fifty times more health, plus 10% additional health for every player above 10 in the area. He resists abilities and spells as a 6 star RBS.

Hrungnir casts self heal with twice the frequency, requiring 2 dedicated interrupts, and has a chance to reduce healing on melee attack by 50% for 15 seconds.

Adds also respawn enraged and has ten times more health.

Players who died with pox will explode, causing damage equal to total damage they have taken from pox to nearby players. This explosion also puts a "Satisfying pop" buff on Hrungnir and all adds, removing their enrage for 30 seconds.

2) Instanced dungeons.
Reuse Gelebron tower maps but make it timed and only allow 5 person to enter the special dungeon.

The timer starts when the first person enter, and counts down to 60 minutes.

The five person have to clear the level in said time to spawn a reward chest at the end of the dungeon.

The bosses and adds are also buffed up to be harder.

Special instanced dungeons require keys to enter. Said keys are earned via a weekly chain quest.

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