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Re: VR, We Really Do Need Answers

Everything was mentioned by Community. What has been done in last year, ignorance on forums, empty promises, old events from time to time are quite a big hint what's gonna be done in the future.

If Devs have something decent to say, they would have done way earlier.

People still buying platinum, it covers the cost of running servers. As long as it does they will run the game. I don't understand how they expect to be successful on new game when they left their community on their own this much. Can't they guess the talk about them by CH Community on 3rd party apps ? That's gonna be very bad advertise for them for their new game.

Re: VR, We Really Do Need Answers

Tumbleweeds as usual from devs. All this shows is a stunning lack of caring about their player base or the concerns mentioned. Obviously they DGAF about any of us as long as people keep buying plat. Why answer concerns, or hell why bother even reading through a thread, when all they seem to care about is plat sales. Very shortsighted if you ask me. But what the hell do I know.

Re: VR, We Really Do Need Answers

VR, the longer you keep ignoring this post the more this community will be convinced that you really do not care about us. I think it's wise to consider at least acknowledging having read through this rather than giving no response at all.
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