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Dropped item

Hello, I recently dropped my meteor totem I estimate a month or two ago possibly more (I told support). I was wondering if I am able to have a direct convo with a admin or someone dealing with my situation. I don’t know if this is allowed but, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask.



Re: Dropped item

MERCENARIO wrote:I have the same issue, but i dropped a meteoric or frozen wand 3 or 5 months ago

If you waited over 2 weeks for a dropped item I’d submit ticket again, hopefully it gets sorted out! Cheers,
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Re: Dropped item

Same happened to me. One of my kids dropped my meteoric gloves and I keep getting responses saying I haven't dropped them. They aren't in bank or inventory and they can't be sold so that kinda leaves them being dropped. Currently 152 and can't even get frozen gloves.

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