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Mabon's Doch Gul

We at Wolfgang have been able to gear Mabon's first toon with full Doch Gul armour!!
Our level 222 Mage General Targaryen
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Warrior level 221 (Main) - XxIvanhoexX - Chieftain of Wolfgang (Mabon)
Rogue level 190 PHEON1X
Mage level 158 (Ice) Xul Darkstorm
Mage level 158 (Fire) Xul Lightstorm

Ancient Arrow - Level 221 Ranger (Belenus)

Re: Mabon's Doch Gul

Seems several servers are now doing full sets? Whatever happened to '15 gloves are better than 1 set' ideology?

Grats Targ and to Wolfgang!

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