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Re: All Servers are Broke

Draknocht wrote:
Lucerin wrote:Before everyone goes for the pitchforks, check the news. Thailand got hit hard.

Hope everyone on the VR team and their families are okay.

Lots and lots of flooding.


Like said let’s pray all VR is safe as for those of us who have lived thru these storms it can be days maybe weeks before normallity returns. I rather see the safety of the VR team and their families come first

@Staff, stay safe.
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Re: All Servers Limited in Function

The studio is located in Bangkok which is quite far away from the worst parts of the storm (I don’t even think it touches them)... lots of rain regardless and possible flooding, thoughts and prayers out to everyone affected
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Re: All Servers Limited in Function

Everyone has to understand that something might have happened meanwhile in the storms and floods in Thailand. Let them reach safety and then come back and we'll all play ch again until ever after.
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