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Re: Christmas Gift?

I liked the gift from the developers as a few days of 150% experience and double platinum. I'm sure they won't forget about players on Christmas and will give some more valuable gifts because it allows them to please old players and attract new ones. I'm looking forward to Christmas because it's a great excuse not only to get gifts but also to give gifts. I have a big family, and I'm already thinking about how to surprise them and give them something special. This year I decided to order separate gift baskets for everyone to see their reaction when they open them. It will work out, and we'll have a family-friendly Christmas.
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Re: Christmas Gift?

I love that we are still able to play and I see a great improvement in the flow of the game. For me the ultimate gift would be new content. Doing the same thing over and over is not exactly adventure for those of us that have played for a long time.

Re: Christmas Gift?

This is a bit of a necropost...

Christmas gifts would be cool though. A unique piece of fashion would be amazing, but pretty much anything would be appreciated (though something minor like a couple resto potions or idols would probably be scoffed at by most players).
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