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Re: A druid can solar boss?

I'm assuming you mean soloing a boss?

I suppose an endgame 225 druid with top end gear might be able to solo lower level mini dragonlord bosses. I'm not sure how many players may have tried that though.

If you want to be able to solo bosses, go with either a Ranger (likely the best class for it, because of Bolas and Entangle) or a Warrior. Overall, Druid damage is pretty low/slower compared to other classes.
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Re: A druid can solar boss?

I think Druids are one of the best classes to solo Bosses

Just because they can use grasping roots and root the boss immovable for 20 secs. Depending on their gear, they can have a massive Nature touch heal on themselves and also a high lvl shield of bark/abundance for armor and hp. Wards could potentially help with soloing bosses and they also have pretty decent damage.

Although a lot of Druid skills are interrupted by any mob hits so it might be harder.

Re: A druid can solar boss?

Druids can solo quite a few bosses, but even endgame Druids with excellent gear would have trouble with any of the 5* DL -- those bosses have adds called every few minutes, making ~3-6 adds + boss + skill interrupts quite difficult to manage despite significant potion/elixir use.

1v1 Druids are great, 1v5 not so much!
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Re: A druid can solar boss?

Ive seen druids solo up to 210 5* edl, if built properly druids are one of the best soloing classes in the game.

5* dl bosses are no problem for any well geared/built class granted they take the time to clear out adds first, edls get tricky I've soloed up to 205 5* with a rogue, war, and druid. I personally haven't killed 210 5* but watched a clannie do it (auto druid spec)
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Re: A druid can solar boss?

The adds are the key. You must go full dps , max bark bless embrace ls st. vines or bugs and the correct wards. it takes patience. buff up and keep them up, lose bark or ward and you're toast. clear a spot where less adds respawn. I've solo'd all OW bosses, Arcane floor bosses(for fun) edl gear offers the most resistance and points. I prefer caster type. I personally tried auto druid, our auto hits are slow and to get over 500 hits you have to sacrifice your build too much to get it higher.

Re: A druid can solar boss?

Using melee on Druid you gotta have haste going otherwise the auto damage is meager. DG helps with the stats and using totem rings to get attack up along with a Secrets helm. Especially now with having phoenix magic lure, a Druid soloing is more doable than before.

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