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Locked sooooo quick

Starting a new thread as my previous one was locked (remember the good old days). Okay so my sarcasm didn’t go down well with the hardcore members of the Celtic heroes community. I to was once like you, played the game for hours everyday, bought plat, defended the game when it was under attack. But that was back in the day when the game felt fresh, new content every year,seasonal events ,great player base etc etc........ and now??? And now we have a game that a lot of us have invested a fair few pounds, dollars , yen ( take your pick ) into and what are we getting back? Uncertainty.... the hardcore among you can come jump up n down on this thread if you like but it won’t change the fact that in game there are a lot of peeps that are not buying plat anymore due to uncertainty of the future of ch...may I suggest that v.r post it’s 5 year plan for the future of the game. Get people excited about what’s coming next. Get people talking in game about positives instead of negatives........I do apologise if this has all been brought up on the forums before but I really don’t bother reading them that much anymore ( I find if I’m going to do anything Celtic heroes related it’s best spent in game and not on the forums trolling other peeps posts). ...........that is all.

Re: Locked sooooo quick

Well just to let you know that starting a same topic after it was locked is never a good idea. It will probs get locked again. But #InBeforeLock

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Rather than locking I wish VR would reply to the
future game plan .. I feel that's a fair question that several would like to know. We all know unity is first priority but beyond that we are in the dark.
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Re: Locked sooooo quick

Well if you didn't make duplicate topics of the same thing it wouldn't get locked.....

As someone who started back in 2011, taking breaks here and there, I can agree with you. The game has it's flaws that have been ignored for years. I have urged VR to make and share a game plan with the community. As others have stated it's because they don't want to make promises they can't keep or that anything from a red name will be taken seriously. I still want them too, but seeing as how toxic the community can be when they share ideas I don't blame them. People don't understand what it means when Dev teams say "We are thinking of this" or "This is what we have planned" and take it all seriously. Just recently talking with clanmates I actually found myself defending the dev team because people take "ideas" so seriously. People need to stop judging VR for stuff that OTM did, may it still be the same company it's not the same team and they have already done a better of job listening to the player base than the old team did. I would love to see them post their game plan but at this point in time I wouldn't even push them to do so until the community stops jumping at their necks every time they do something.
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Re: Locked sooooo quick

Would love a 5 year plan although it’d probably be quite short.
The uncertainty is very frustrating especially with the lack of communication from VR it feels like we’ve just been left to ourselves not knowing anything of the future of the game. I really hope the pace picks up after unity update since I still love this game and play everyday, but I have doubts for sure.
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Re: Locked sooooo quick

Any 5 year plan VR gives us would be extremely vague. Not necessarily because they want to keep it secret, but because they don’t know what may happen in the mean time. Also, they don’t want to get players hopes up. For example, things may come up out of nowhere, like this Unity upgrade.

One other thing that people seem to be forgetting is that VR hasn’t really had a chance to develop any new content for the game. They took over from OTM after the gardens were released, then all of a sudden they were thrown into the unity upgrade. Please don’t worry about “VR is so slow with content”, since they haven’t had a chance to do any yet.

Wardon hit the nail square on the head.
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Re: Locked sooooo quick

A 5 year plan seems excessive considering the size of this company and game, although atleast VR could says what’s the next update planned after unity. Having something for players to look forward to will give some the motive to be active in-game or even plan to come back.
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