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Re: Current state of servers

Yea, Taranis got really chewed up by a few years of war (rebel clan vs. the old empires -- your beloved friends Aeon and Pride), going from probably the most active server to unable to kill Gele... it got to the point this March where inactivity had hit everyone so bad that Aeon self-collapsed in a last effort move to unite the various small clans, Pride ran out of players to promote, and the rebel clan (+ support from the neutral clan) could no longer kill Proteus. At that point most everyone who supported/caused the conflict had gone inactive, and the desire to gain drops outweighed the desire to waste elixirs, so it didn't take much to publicly lay down arms and create a democratic "Taranis United" with guaranteed rights for every player. The system has had its ups and downs, but overall has worked out pretty well to mitigate the natural attrition from lack of events/new content. I expect TU to change significantly in the next year though before settling...
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