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Re: What will happen to beta rogue offhand shop?

Ventius wrote:
Shivahh wrote:
Ventius wrote:so if I understand correctly, 480 stat point boost is not that big (normal pets add 180 to 1 stat, drag adds 120 to all 4...), 1k crit hit and skills is minuscule, a skill that hits harder than a wolf or eagle or dog or spider on most bosses is just an average skill. Not sure about you but imo the dragon is without a doubt the strongest dps pet in the game. There is absolutely no way to argue against that

Yes because 120 stats on strength is relevant to casters and tanks, dps is the only thing that matters in terms of bossing, totally. All pets play a role and the dragon just adds stats to all, not to mention the critical skill and strike abilities are practically useless.
dragon is the best caster pet and dps pet. He only class/role the dragon is not the best for is a tank and the 1 support rogue needed at a raid. Dragon is best on literally everything else

Make the skill a decent proc and the skill a buff and it's p2w, the dragon is nothing more than numbers :lol:

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Re: What will happen to beta rogue offhand shop?

Rogue4Life wrote:how about we can combine normal pets? A chicken and a spider have a baby called chickder stats are 360 Dex, 600 attack and a life steal skill... problem solved no need for a drag

I'm sitting here imagining a large chicken with 8 long spider legs chasing around after me as I run around the game...
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