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Fuzz, for all of those that don't know...

I'm a 15 year old teen. I'm a dude. My druid is level 87 and going to be level 88 within a day or two. I have anger issues and a long fuse. I used to be a scammer but I've stopped and cleaned my record. If someone shouts that I'm a scammer then check up with Guffy, I've told him everything in the past and he'll be the first to know if I do change. I don't scam anymore. Act immature and I'll happily see you for who you are. I love soccer and skateboarding. Just get to know me in game to get to know me. I'm not that bad, rumors and lies have spread though so I'm apparently a horrible person. Mio, control your little brother... I'll find a way to destroy him in pvp. I have no feelings when you make up lies about me. Just saying!
Yes, I have made mistakes. Yes, I'm human.

Re: Fuzz, for all of those that don't know...

First of all noob, I'll call you what I please. Second of all I was kidding, my friend told me to shout that to see the responses. Third of all, if you have something you want to say, deal with me and talk to me. I highly suggest not talking unfathomable about me! To be honest, I can't do much. But let me just say, the one looking like a little prick in the end is you.
Yes, I have made mistakes. Yes, I'm human.

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