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Re: Guardians and Generals and Chieftans

Skerwald wrote:I'm a clansman and I will just talk about how I think a leadership in general SHOULD BE.

I think leaders should be rolemodels for the whole clan, they basically represent our clan. They should be active in bossing, keeping timers, solving issuss and leading the clan. But also in basic things such updating dkp/doing rolls, organizing raids or doing those little extras just for their clan, show some dedication. I want them to be mature and honest but mainly active, I don't want my leaders to sit back and get upgrades handed to them on a silver platter. Leaders should remain active or step down if they can't do that, in general people should not be able to thrive too much on their actions from years ago, but rather on what their actions now.

As for corruption, I think leadership should be crystal clear, open about what they discuss and think. They should provide reason to their actions, why they decided something and be open for a discussions about it and listen to their clannies even if they don't personally like the idea. They should be open for changes to make their clan better and not live in the past. Clansmen should be able to give their opinion without fearing consequences like being demoted, held from certain upgrades or being kicked. Leaders have to be fair people and I also believe in shared power, where not 1 single person has too much power over other individuals.

+1 on this.
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