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Re: clan for the weak!

Docke wrote:dont talk about hard work and patience when you spend plat to get to where you are if it was easy or doable to farm millions and millioms of gold to gear ourselves you wouldnt have spent plat in the first place you hard worker ive spent 3 years playing this game and ive gotten nowere without barrowed lux etc i dont want them to BUY us stuff i want it to be like a clan item cant be sold etc amd we ALLL share it like a mordis spear (example)

What a nub jockey, do some grinding you slacker.
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Re: clan for the weak!

Docke wrote:someone rich and powerful and generous shpuld make a clan helping cheaply lux low lvls and help em gear darkshadow warden ans met armor until theyr high enough lvl to join end games alt clan


So there is hope.....like the reach of a weed that fights her way through a slab of concrete....

Reaching towards the the sun...../sigh

Dear Docke...../sigh.....there was a time in which your vision was shared by 5 mighty Pillars of Danu......and a war. A war we lost.

The Pillar of Strength....Mickey211
The Pillar of Altruism.....Dorn, otherwise known as the Father of StoneVale
The Pillar of Politics Hyla
The Pillar of Love Airees, "The God of War"
And the greatest warrior ever to walk this once Bustling world, "The Right Arm" RA The Pillar of Hope

United under the guise of our Leader Airees shared your vision to build a world where currency and lux was not so much a factor, a gateway to leveling and grinding freedom. A world in which an Army would rise based not on a Nationalistic Ascension where clan members were rewarded by strengthening a single army......no no...a world where merit was given to those who helped the weak, and weapons and armor were recycled through retired players and handed out to those who helped those for no other reason but for help itself. For a brief moment....Nitro stood at the zenith of Danu where the true culprit and enemy were revealed, the armor and lux merchants..../sigh...and we almost were able to influence Danu in such a way that it did not matter how much physical currency one can throw at lux merchants during Black Friday and the anniversary launch. I remember, when 30 to 40 soldiers flooded common areas......not the desolate desert you are exposed to now.....

And when Smeagle Queef, Quin and LadyNam rose out of Prime to unleash a final blow to our vision. I often wonder what would Martha think....what would the Magistrate and the Double Dragons thoughts be of what Danu has come....a vacuum of sorts....where the middle class was siphoned into non existence....as their media campaigned defamed my sweet hearted Leader as a thief.

As a casualty to the 2013 Nitro vs Prime war, your quote reminded my of a conversation I had with a General in a Tavern. He made me a Guardian, that sparked hope to change how Margana and the devs viewed what it meant to be a Celtic Heroe , before the pay to win, population bell curve became crushed into a race for profit at the expense of saving the server. As my corpse lay dormant by the hands of Micky211 and Bally...know that the lessons I learned here has carried my on into final fantasy of sorts. May your vision come to fruition one day. And may your run be stronger than our run, Sir or Mam.

Safe Journeys.
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