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Re: What kind of server would you like to have?

Chaotic wrote:Not that this will in any way impact what happens in the server but I am curious what the majority of people here are interested in - cooperation - dominant - open world. Few options. Hope to see you all in game. :)

A cutthroat server, in which griefing is not only allowed but expected. And the black market is so common it not only exists, but they have to make a new blacker market just to sell human organs in game chat.
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Re: What kind of server would you like to have?

Aileron wrote:
PurpleRain wrote:
Insomnia wrote:a friendly cheap server


Calling all players that are willing to spend $10,000 on plat and sell chests for 10k each.

I got about 1K of gold in at level 10. I'd be happy on a backpack at this point. LOL
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