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Re: To the player base.

I agree totally . I come from a history of playing mmorpgs , Ultima online , anarchy online , neocron , parallel mafia and few others I've forgotten over the years . Point is I've been gaming online since the dial up days of AOL online and have witnesses my fair share of similar games . My most recent game was parallel mafia in which the developers "per blu" totally abandoned us and hung us out to dry quit all support and development. Even after they abandoned us myself and of a number of players who built a community continued to support them and there other game parallel kingdom only to have then shut down the servers with less then 30 days notice. Me and my crew and even my enemies came here squashed old beefs and United under one banner . We have a history of over 4 years together and know eachother well . We are all mostly extremely happy with this game minus a few things (more on that in a bit ) . Now every game I've ever have played has had issues at one time or another with server issues most games take so long to fix issues after major updates that the bugs can and have totally ruined game play the economy and have cost people who have invested tons alot . I was very happy to see that this game actually sent servers down to fix bugs and unintended glitches before they have had a chance to do any real damage .
Now regarding people complaining about the grind mmorpgs are all about the grind and getting new and better gear along the way . One of the reasons Diablo has been so successful . If game is to easy people lose interest and don't want to play any more . Hell in parallel mafia when developers quit supporting the game everyone was basically the same and only thing held us together was the community we built and our never ending wars . (Something I miss and wish was here ) .
There are many different types of players .
Those who don't work either due to disability or laziness and spend there lives literally in game, those who casually play and don't care as much and those who have alot going on due to personal lives or work and want to be able to play competitively and them being able to spend some that money they have worked hard for to get a exp boost or get a luxury item that they don't have 10 hours a day to camp a boss with there crew is a nice balance to even the playing field . This also helps for people who don't belong to a big clan of level 200s who camp and farm all the bosses the opportunity to catch up and level playing field . The sad truth about mmorpgs is they need people many people to be successful . We play because it's supposed to be massive multi-player not a single player campaign . I think the worst thing to the games health is when the so called big guys don't give anyone else a chance . Instead of helping to grow and support the community they selfishly worry about them selves and there own
. U grind and level up to finally be able to take out a boss with u and a few guys from your crew , kill place holders camp spawn waiting for a boss to be able to progress and get stronger and 3 to 4 level 180 plus rushes up to kill the level 70 5 or 6 star u have been camping for a hour . Won't let u in group or have chance to roll on item just so they can turn around go sell the drop for an outrageous price . Kinda hard to save up for better weapons or jewelry when your only option for completing your armor quests and progressing to your other armor quest require you to kill a boss thats spawn is over a hour and as soon as it spawns 1 of 2 of the big clans comes and steam rolls it in 30 secs . Personally I feel the stonevale drops should be on other mobs instead of the bosses this creates a bottleneck where progressing feels impossible and you start to have disdain for some of these clans out there . Thank God I met someone who feels the same way I do about some of these larger clans and helped me without trying to gouge my pockets . Other than that my only 2 issues would have to be how hard it is to get gold to gear up at lower levels (only 116 so I don't know if it improves later ) and I would love to see pvp take a bigger role , i.e pvp zones other then arena , clan wars , faction wars so there is a little more to do and compete for then boss kills.
My 2 cents take it leave it don't care either way

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