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Beta - Please read!

Hey Heroes,

Just a quick little post.

We are hoping to run a second open beta in the next few days for general bug fixing and testing of new changes for the Fishing Update.

Could anyone who had issues in the beta be it email or character name please fill out this form below and either PM me or post to the thread:

Character Name:

(Anyone who wrote .con I have fixed)



Android Testers:

You may have just received a notification of the android build being updated.

While you can download this build there is no guarantee it will be the final build we use.

Servers are currently not live so it would be a pre-download.

Re: Beta - Please read!

Should bring back the beta section to the forums as well then
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Re: Beta - Please read!

paggasquid wrote:Character name: mizza
World: Lugh

Issue: invitation didnt work. It glitched out while I was installing beta and after that when I tried to redownload the app it told me it was revoked.

Should be fine, new invite.

Plus3 wrote:Should bring back the beta section to the forums as well then

Being made currently, will be online when beta is confirmed.

pewpewpew wrote:Is thia the exact same beta besides the bug fixes? Alot of us are still curious where the excess gold on servers is going to go especially now lux stores are gone.

Some extra changes but I kind of want people to discover it ;)

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