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Re: 2016 goals

OpticalAwakens wrote:rl goal- get all A's instead of 2 A's and the rest B's. i slacked off first semester and didnt study at all.
ch goals- been innactive, once school starts back up tomorrow it will be even harder to play because of sports and school. but my goal is to log in on weekends to lvl and finally get to 200+ without leaving the server when i am so close ._.

Join the club I have 4 A's 1D and 2B's
I also didn't care about first semester.

Rl goal - spend time with my family way more instead of playing WoW and CSGO xD and reading manga :P

Ch goal - continue to still be inactive :)
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Re: 2016 goals

Real life: Find a better paying job

League of Legends: Reach gold or plat V by the end of season six
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Re: 2016 goals

OpticalAwakens wrote:
Seipper wrote:I plan to win the lottery and become president this year! .000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001%

i heard u have more of a chance to be ran over then win the lottery :/ i rlly wanna win the lotto, but what do u do after u win it? get retired and get bored of doing nothing after a week. i love vacation because i get a break from school. but i the middle you get bored, imagine being retired at 20 not doing anything for 70 years

I would still work, I would just be able to fund all work opportunities I pursued and my presidential campaign for my second resolution.
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Re: 2016 goals

Real life
Stay away from junk food while I have no cavities.
Less fast food, bye pizza, Chipotle *cries.*
Stop procrastinating.

Celtics life
Stay out of castle. (epic fail)
Start saving for once gawd!
Stay away from creepy players.
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Re: 2016 goals

With this title I feel the urge to quote someone's resolution and be like omg that's just goals! #2016goals
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