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Re: Gear vr headset interface?

Nomad wrote:No response at all here or on twitter. This is a great move forward. And there are no games on it like celtic heroes. Sorry for trying to give you a golden goose lol

theres no response because

1. it is not in the correct forum (try feeback and suggestion)
2. it isnt a good idea, u just think it is a golden goose cause u like it
3. otm doesnt respond unless they like the idea
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Re: Gear vr headset interface?

Sorry thought I had already replied.

It is a good idea but not one I think would be feasible at the moment.

You might be able to set one up by emulating on pc and streaming to a headset? (Not had much encounters with Vr gear yet)

Don't think there are many MMOs that support VR due to how niche a market it is at the moment.

I'm all for the VR future though :)

Re: Gear vr headset interface?

I think it would be awesome. I got the gear vr for Christmas, and it just works off your phone. I was hoping it wouldn't take much to convert celtic heroes over to it, but that sort of programming is above my pay grade. And the games on it are very limited and not anything new similar to a mmo. Thanks for replying now I at least know i tried to plant the seed for it.

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