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Can it be?

Hey fellow herne players! It has been long... Too long since I have been on.I will be gladly making my return back! Some may be glad I've came back, and others well you know... My hopes upon returning are mainly to focus on leveling. Does all the time I have spent away clear any grudges held against me? For some yes, and others probably not. I will be coming back and dedicating my time to help my friends,and leveling up. To accomplish my goals of end-game. As for the reasons I have gone AWOL? Well I have been extremely busy with my last semesters of online courses. And juggling my first job as well. I will be purchasing my device either this week or next week. I look forward to seeing you all very soon! Until next time take care!

Re: Can it be?

Yay! Welcome back my friend, glad to hear your coming back. I hope your online courses are going well buddy, good luck at your first job ;)
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