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selling junk

i'm selling lots of stuff if your'e interested or want to know the prices contact me in game i'm Rogue101 and this is my first post sorry if i made any mistakes :D .


Spectral brace of the hermetic ( or swaping for spectral brace of the titan)

Royal ring of natures touch

Majestic reaper

Greater sunfire ring of health

White ensorcelled wolf mask

Sparkling blue lanrik top

Midnight lute of spiders

Glacial lute

Golden shrink

Green ensorcelled spidersilk top

Pumpkin hat( has a glitch so if your character has a beard you will be able to see it whilst wearing pumpkin hat)

Pink glenmor stardust top

Pink glenmor pants

Turquoise,Blue and Orange party crown

Red,Pink and Green diadems

Yellow candy cane( candy canes have shrunk and don't look as good in the new update)


Haste ring

Ice crystal ring(strength or dex)

Mighty silverweb charm of striking(60st,6+ quick strike,6+ assassinate, lvl 110 req)


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