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Beginner's Guide - Mage

Welcome to Dal Riata Mage.

As a Mage you will be able to control the power of Ice and Fire magic and use them as you wish to destroy your enemies. Either freezing them with Ice or burning them with Fire.

As a Mage in Dal Riata it will be your job to deal as much damage as you can to your enemies while keeping yourself at a safe distance. As you play through the game you can choose to specialise in either Fire magic or Ice magic, each with their own powerful skills and benefits.

Starting Skills – Fire Mage

Fire Attunement – You should always use this skill before starting a fight as it boosts the damage caused by some of your other skills, like Fire Bolt.
Fire Bolt – This skill will your best skill to use to cause damage. It has a very fast cast time and cool down time, allowing you to cause damage quickly.
Lure of Fire – This skill when cast of an enemy will lower its resistance against Fire magic, which in turn will increase the damage done by your own spells.

Starting Skills – Ice Mage

Ice Attunement – Just like Fire Attunement you should always cast this on yourself before starting a fight as it increases the damage dealt by your Ice magic.
Ice Shards – This skill will be one of your best skills to cause damage against your enemies.
Lure of Ice – Just like Lure of Fire this skill will lower an enemy’s resistance level against Ice magic, increasing how much damage your attacks will cause.

So, as a Mage you will have to decide which option will suit you best, or maybe you will combine them?
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