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Re: The story of SpartanTD/Spartan161

So I start off on looking bored on YouTube when I see YouTube channel called "TheColt45doctor" or sumthin like that long story short he's a scammer. So I download Celtic heroes to give it a nice try. I create my account and meant to pick the world Rhiannon when I picked danu and Did not notice. I decided to think on my name. "Since I'm gonna be a having a warrior what's a good screen name. Than I said what would Spartans do in this position? WAIT A SEC!!!" And so spartan161 was the name. The 161 however was because all my old names have 161 on the end. And so I start my journey on Beltane (summer) 2014 when I go through meet Brennan to start my quest he was there. I'm not gonna make u guys get bored so I'll skip the intro story thing. I was always getting ksed by the man I know from today, Deadcastle64 and so he was my rival ever since. He quit at like lvl 60 but I talk to him on fb and see his post. And than by the time I reached lvl 20 I created my own clan called smugglers I failed by making the clan so I decided to pass it down to my lil sis. So I saw people in the castle saying. "Hosting dice! 1k-25k 60x2! ||59 and under-loss||61 and above-win||60-reroll! try that luck! good luck!!!" I asked what was dice (btw the first ever trusted dicer I met is UrMerGurd big shoutout to her) so I diced her a couple of times and I won a lot! (8k because I was like lvl 20 at the time) and so I wanted to make my own dice company witch is very successful from today known as Spartan dice, heck I've only been known for my dicing for being the founder of Spartan dice. So by the time I was lvl 70 I was scammed by Liamore :-/ and quit if you wanna here the rest of my story please reply so I know people like my life in Celtic heroes and I got scammed with about 750k on my acc but no worries Liamore was banned :D

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