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Destiny Engine Date now?

Carrowmore is already being tested on the iOS devices, does this mean OTM can now give us a month or week on which the new engine will finally be released to?

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Re: Destiny Engine Date now?

Pirahna, like the one they have now?

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Re: Destiny Engine Date now?

Current bugs are constantly being abused. I for one am looking forward to seeing a much more bug free environment.
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Re: Destiny Engine Date now?

DarkestRanger wrote:I have found one. U use bandage wounds on a common glider and dance and half and let it finish. Then ur glider wil be invisible plz fix.

Also post these bugs in the bug reports section or beta forum.
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Re: Destiny Engine Date now?

Given the state of things today I'm keeping my original guess from early this year of late December to January 2015.
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Re: Destiny Engine Date now?

The beta has gone at a very fast rate. We already have people testing dragonlord and end game content in less than a week. But, more to still be found and fixed so I would guess a couple months tops. Maybe in October or November.
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