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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

VultureFromDanu wrote:
Linkiez wrote:Shaman's Horse Guard

Two handed
Important Item
Slot: Main Hand
Piercing Damage: 55
Attack Speed: 3350
Gives Skill: Guard Attack
Weight: 35
Level Requiement: 100


This skill will pin the target in 5 seconds.

NOTE; No weapon needed.

I believe this is fake. Reverse image searched it and got a result.

Linked image to google and got so many of the same pics.

https://www.google.com/search?tbs=sbi:A ... lYy2jxMsMo

and etc...

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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

My Design: I hope this is mostly about creativity and the thought put into it, but i made a tornado mount. I figured that would be a cool and fun mount that people would like.

Database: The wicked winds of the Otherworld start mixing together to form these rapid and dangerous tornados. After the tornados calmed down they magically became safer so people could sit on them and ride around. That is the story of the Wicked Twisters.

There can be a brown one= 5%
There can be a yellow one=10%
There can be a pink one =20%
There can be a aqua one=40%
There can be a green one=60%
There can be a black one that has movement in
the twisters=70%
And the final one can be a silver one that has lightning
strikes in it=80%.
That is my design
The picture is on link.
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

SANY1514.JPG (183.63 KiB) Viewed 850 times

Lol this not from 2009 my camera date was wrong just put new battery's in it
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

Background: Ankou is the Celtic god of death, and when I think of death, for some reason a dark cloud of poison pops into my mind.

Name: Ankou's Mist
Description: A dark mist that once surrounded the god of death now surrounds your feet and has the ability to steal up to 800 health from the enemy, restoring it back to yourself. Ankou's Mist improves the rider's movement speed by 80% and provides 20% camouflage.

40 Poison Damage
Proc Chance 10%
Attack Speed 3000

Rides like a cloud.
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

Speed : 70%
Skill : Flaming Touch - Slows enemy's speed by 50% for 10 seconds in a 6 meter radius.
When skill is casted, it says : You have summoned a blazing flame on (Enemy)!
Price : 500k
Regeneration : 25 Health and Energy per tick
Recast Time : 1 Minute (Or when orb in the tail is glowing yellow)
Weight : 5
50 Heat Damage
5 Piercing
Attack Speed : 3,000

Thank you for taking your time and reading about my Flamerider :D
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

Wasnt aware we were supposed to add stats, so i wont :3 i would call it the necro stallion of the dead. Good luck to everyone!
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

Lightning Staff Of The Bear

Hi, I made a description and a story behind my mount using a real celtic Mythological God and Goddess to spice it up. Also that id like to comment that the lightning on the staff would faintly glow white, enjoy!

Description (Not including stats): This staff was divinely crafted for a Farmer to escape a invading force by the God Ambisagrus and the Goddess Artio.

Story behind the crafting of the Lightning Staff Of The Bear:
There once was a farmer who lived alone on his farm in his little house next to his fields. One day as the sun was rising he noticed a large army preparing to raid his farm. The farmer was a devoted follower of the newly created divine lovers, the God Ambisagrus (God of lightning and thunder) and the Goddess Artio (God of the bear). These two divine lovers had fallen in each other's favor and had noticed the farmers devotion to the pair. The farmer pleaded to the godly pair to rescue him from his definite doom. The divine pair heard his pleads and decided to rescue him from the grasp of the invaders. Both Artio and Ambisagrus together crafted a single staff for their follower to escape the clutches of the invaders. The lone farmer was on his hands and knees with his eyes closed waiting for a sign of pity from his God and Goddess when all of a sudden he looked up and there in front of him lay the staff that the heavenly pair had created for his escape. The staff glowed as he gazed upon its beauty and elegance. The head of the staff was a bear with the body of the staff glowing with streaks of lightning embodied in the staff, ending with the tip of a lightning bolt at the bottom of the awe striking mount. The farmer picked up the staff and felt a force come over him. He walked outside of his little farm house and mounted the staff. He had never seen or felt anything like it in his entire life. He then began to travel at lightning speed to the nearest town and to safety. Upon his arrival the townsfolk stared in amazement at the Godlike staff. The farmer immediately began praising his Godly pair thanking them for his deliverance from his oppressors. The farmer never let the staff out of his site for the rest of his days and never stopped following the Divine pair that he owed his life to.
Lightning Staff Of The Bear
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Re: Competition: Win an exclusive Mount!

Try using this site.
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