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Re: Herne players, Introduce yourselves.

Yote wrote:
Curry30423 wrote:I can't even play Cuz my ipod I No has._. And ew mike don't bring his crazy name up.-. itz freaky

I know right._.

Shh urs scares me more._. *hides in corner and draws circle around myself. Holds a cross in hand*
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Re: Herne players, Introduce yourselves.

Hey Guys my main is soulguardian im Part of NewHope i stopped playing because i got bored but i started playing again
but now there is a lot confusion about me and eldren/elliebear his dicers name is soul dicer but IT IS NOT ME i am not him and he is not me
idk if he says he is me or not He is also saying i am a scammer because he is angry at me for some reason plz dont hold me responsible for his actions thx

I am currently trying to get to lvl 105 so i can get a full set of metor armor so im looking for a lvling partner im at lv 101 right now.
I do a lot of boss fights so im looking for lots of idol and a mount so i can get the bosses faster.
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