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Proposed thoughts with boss reqs and drops

So i have heard a few complains about drops and how people are using items for alts that their level would not meet the requirement, ive also heard people are getting annoyed at certain people going afk for most of the fight and winning drops. I think this shouldn't be allowed. So i shall propose some ideas, thought of by clan serkers, to stop this.

1. We propose that if anyone is caught afking they cannot dice for drops, unless announcing a reason why they are afking such as (bathroom breaks, phone call, wife etc.) this has caused problems because people are constantly using plat items to protect our druids and tanks. As a druid i cannot go afk because a tank will die, even mages cannot go afk because they are constantly casting. So i think its unfair how we as casters are forced to be completely devoted to the fight when some people are afking most of the fight.

2. We propose class restrictions to certain non-class drops
- books; we propose only druids/mages may only roll for these. What dps class in their right mind would use a book?
- dps rings; we propose only dps classes (warriors, rogue, ranger) roll for these. Again what caster at that level would use a dps ring?
- tridents as these provide effective dps for every class it should stay as non class. The reason is it adds spear ability. Which allows even casters to get the occasionally high melee hit. This has been proven to be effective on mages.

Now on another note, people have been complaining about lower levels getting drops so weve come up with some proposed new level reqs.
- druid 120 (there are enough druids over this req to easily kill aggy, but this could be flexible)
- mage 135 (130 mages do very little if they are not support built, this is the reason we suggested this)

Not sure but ive heard the following reqs are coming in next year.
- warrior 145
- rogue 145
- ranger 145
The reason this is suggested is because of the new mobs and their level they are very difficult to avoid and are now harder to kill. I will post a strategy on getting the smallest amount of adds. For main tank i have tested it to be 3 adds to be the maximum amount of adds but thats a different topic i will post later.
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Re: Proposed thoughts with boss reqs and drops

hello guys, i also agree with this. i would even push a mage to lvl140. through some recent studies(my own) for lures even if maxed lvl to be effectice they need to be withing 10-15 lvls of the boss/mob. and a lvl130 mage(current req) will do little to no damage with shards,bolt incin ect. at 135 my current lvl i have just started hitting decent numbers on the 150 wyverns. at 130 i was uesless on a 150. now off to the drops. its getting a bit heated with some players. i agree dps rings(non class) should be only able to be diced by melee damagers, not casters, also books should she be restricted to casters, if book adds nature ab,druids dice, if book adds fire ice ab mages dice. if book adds hp. both caster classers dice. tridents are only useful for ranger rouge warrior as mage and druid can not improve their spear ab. i tried. and also druid lvl req can go to 125, we have enough and makes the higher lvls feel better. hopefully we all get on board this and can come to a conclusion

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Re: Proposed thoughts with boss reqs and drops

Thanks for your post Luk.
1. I agree about afking ppl, noone can be afk, cause fight going crazy then. Now there are lots of adds near aggra. Rangers, rogues and warriors are main killers of adds, so if they go afk, druids goong to die.
2. Drops.
Books should be classed between druids and mages, depends whats a book. Even mages dont need nature magic book, so thats only druid class, also same with magic book, not much usefull for druids. Also there are hp books, which druids and mages both for dice
Dps rings are usefull for class as ranger, warriors and rogues. Also they are very usefull for druids and mages. For example, my druid build based on these rings. Or support mage whice has no attack skills ( no shards no firebolts), these rings only way to lvl. So i dont really know, class or non class should be these rings.
Trident should be classed. For characters who can take spear ability - warriors, rangers and rogues. No mages no druids can really use it.

About lvls. Agree with all. But few notices.
Druids should have heal more then 1000 hp.
Mages should have maxed lures ( for support mages that can be 130 lvl).

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Re: Proposed thoughts with boss reqs and drops

Only thing is the item dice req should be the same. What i mean is for end game bosses and event bosses. Not trying to step on toes here. But if lets say high king has a bow ok. And lost wytt and ak are fighting with 2 grps. Who can use that bow the rangers. So even in cases such as a event boss, drops should still be diced by class. And people will still come and kill so the next weapon or items will spawn with boss. Just saying not trying to make anybody mad.

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Re: Proposed thoughts with boss reqs and drops

Thoro i understand your point but if we did dicing that way who would help for weapons such as staff, wand and totem? No one its a matter of fairness if we all put in for one drop even if its classes we all may roll no matter what. Multiple drops is different there are usually drops for most classes which would mean everyone would roll. If you were a druid you waste 10-20 idols on these bosses compared a tank who may waste 3-4 if druids are doing their job. Everyone else have the option of running from leystone. Now what person in their right mind would waste 10-20 idols if the drop wasnt druid and being forced not to dice, we would like a chance to make a profiet too. I agree with the current dicing system as it is fair on everyone not just the classes that can equip the most types of weapons (warrior). Warriors can equip; hammers, axes, swords and spears. Where as ranger and rogue equip 3 types, druid 2 types and mage 1 type now how is it fair to mage to only be able to dice for a 1/10 chance of a wand? Its just allowing people to have a reason to fight these and possibly make a bit of gold.
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Re: Proposed thoughts with boss reqs and drops

sarge wrote:Good post Luk. My only suggestion about a new requirement would be that toons that have all abilities over 1000 be allowed to participate. It would cut down on idol usage if that requirement was in place.

Sarge, bro, I know you and Kama train hard but even I only dream of having all abilities above 1000 and I use ability elixirs. I would narrow the ability requirement to mere primary abilities. High level druid who does not have Nature magic maxed really sucks. But you cannot possibly ask to have all abilities above 1000 (my Novelty is 10 I think). :)

Btw it is really hard to assess player ability level because only the player can see the values. I would love to have clear requirement for every class like support druid should heal 900+, tank warrior should have 4k health, etc. But this all is so unrealistic because of the closed nature of the gaming system. We just need to trust each other and as someone suggested we can also watch each other a bit during fight that no one is afking too much.

As for me I have people I trust and I do not question their actions during fights. As for others I know vaguely or not at all I hope someone else knows them good enough to trust them and that their trust is what because got them in the fight. I would suggest to trust people by default and only if someone has doubts about someone I would open a discussion on this matter.

I know we are talking about end bosses here and as such I would like for anyone having doubts to open a discussion. But I would also be against disallowing people from fights by general. Kama is a good example that properly trained character can be very useful even when lower level. The other side is that when I fought minor bosses with some high level warriors they were so weak that I as a druid basically did both most damage and took most hits.

I am afraid that these discussions about levels have no end because there always be strong hard working lower levels (like Kama's alts) and weak high levels who have abilities like noobs. I would strongly suggest to stick to general common sense and allow in fights people you (or anyone in fight) know they can contribute to the fight and discuss about those whise contribution is questionable individually.

Finally as for drops and dice rolls. I think either everyone should roll for all drops (even with class requirements) or there should be a general agreement about what drops are useful for what classes and builds. I can imagine me as a dps druid to benefit greatly from a dps ring. I can also imagine Sabre to roll for a rogue drop to supply her alt. And I can also imagine someone getting a drop he does not need at all selling it just to get gold. When agreed anything of the above is fair. The fact is that there are always many druids and little rangers or rogues so druids are greatly disadvantaged and their chance of getting a drop is minimal if they cannot roll for all drops however rogues and rangers have great advantage because they have very high chance getting their class specific drop.

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Re: Proposed thoughts with boss reqs and drops

DaftPunk wrote:Mages should have maxed lures ( for support mages that can be 130 lvl).

FWIW, this req would mean no mages in fights. I'm one of the best support mages on the server and mine aren't maxed. In fact, it would be impossible to max all lures (fire, ice, pierce, slash, crush, magic). Most high-level mages on Lugh are actually dps.

I would suggest instead an expectation that support mages have at least half max on the primary needs (pierce, slash), and dps mages be considered like other dps classes. My $.02. :)
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