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Scammer and Hacker

There is a Scammer in Belenus, Hes Spirituel.. and ATTENTON.. He Hack too.. Please do not believe him. If Anybody can Report him, made on. How can i have my account back? I talk to my best friend: Sorry but if i dont have y account back, I will quiting.. Don't have lvl 110+, don't have gold.. If i can have my account back, it's very cool. Thanks for help me..

Re: Scammer and Hacker

well if you quit i need my crown back please.
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Re: Scammer and Hacker

so it wasnt u talking to me today? and asked to add ur druid to the clan?
k i'll talk to drag and kick him and i'll talk to this guy who hacked u
PM me on what he scammed u i wanna tell u something
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