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Re: Clan Aftermath

Hi Aftermath!
Waio was unclear about when/if I was coming back into aftermath so i wanted to know where i can see it clearly without going off my screen because of shouts.
Anyway... I'd like to clear things up... Im not good st expressing myself in a matter of... Well, niceness... But if you dont want someone like myself in the clan then thats fine with me!
The way i reacted wasnt up to par and im sorry for that, i don't feel its right to be accused of swearing... More than once... :/
Waio thought it was best to apologize to you all and if i missed you out, im truly sorry.

Signing off..
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Re: Clan Aftermath


Here's the problem: This isn't an apology. This is a "I'm sorry if you were offended by what I said" kind of apology, not a "I'm sorry I was offensive" kind of apology.

You weren't just "not nice," nor were you just "not good at expressing myself." You were verbally abusive. For no reason. And continued when asked to stop. And continued when told you would be kicked for continuing. You have the right to be angry and the right to say you're angry. You DO NOT have the right to abuse people. It's as simple as that.

If you understand what I'm saying here and can offer a true and honest apology, I will enthusiastically back your return. If you have no idea what I'm saying or think you did nothing wrong and will not be changing your behavior, I think you should find another clan.

Caveat: These are my opinions only. I have not discussed with other clan members, and do not represent these opinions as belonging to them.
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Re: Clan Aftermath

Thought i was pretty honest.
But if you want to know why i outbursted, ask waio, i think i told her.

Maybe its just me.
Aftermath was a nice clan for a while.

I was seriously mad at saarkules because after scion a few of us started to kill ghosts and sasrkules wanted to know why i 'Left clan' and i told him to mind his own business. He then said 'Regroup clan only'.

I wasnt happy. But ive been wanting to say this for too long. CANT YOU JUST MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS?

EDIT: Deleted sone unneccessary rudeness.
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Re: Clan Aftermath

Hey tb hear I'd like to refresh on the current items I need for my final meteoric part the Bp so far I need 3 mind slates and 3 red rems of space
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