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Re: New clan created! AdvocateKings

Feel free alure.

Thanks or all your input.

Nice pic Jhim!
Hehe ya it takes a lot to be chieftan. Basically if you've noticed chiefs don't level as fast as others because they spend so much time dealing with peoples problems. It definatley isn't for everyone.

It takes someone that likes engineering structure and a vision for what good morals are and a passion to help people.

I'm never going to leave you all high and dry, I won't pass advocate off until there is a potential chief that would be even better than me and you all want even more :).

The issue is the game keeps expanding and max level will soon be 180. One clan can't help everyone. However I believe the system we have in advocate is worth keeping and will be good for all levels.

That is why I see AdvocateYouth lvl 15-59, Advocate 60-115, AdvocateKings 116-159, ??? 151+ ect. As a good way to provide people with a free and positive atmosphere whatever level they are.

I envision Advocate to always be more powerful than Kings, just because it will include the largest level range, and most players are between those levels as well.
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