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DECA, what in the living hell is going on?? I had high hopes for you all coming in, and I totally understand having issues with the game here and there, as you still have to learn it is coming in. We are a massive community with a lot of "culture" that has developed over the course of more than a decade. Taking on the responsibility of giving this game the magic it gave all of us starting is really hard, and I feel for that. However, we have had countless rollbacks, tons of minor issues, a good handful of major issues, and hackers that make it impossible to do anything in the game. I understand that rollbacks are the only way to solve these problems, but realistically these are HUGE gaps in the game. Personally, I did not lixing between the 9th to now, or leveling of any kind, wasn't active at all actually. But the people who put hours into the game within that timeframe have lost everything they worked for. Four days is a LONG time. Seriously losing hope, never thought id say that after 11 years.

Re: Again??

In my personal opinion, the loss of 4 days is better than having all the server economies completely screwed up. It's still not a perfect solution - the exploit has been around for quite a bit longer, so there are a lot of people who still have the exploited items. DECA is working on manually tracking down those accounts, but I expect that some will still fall through the cracks, adding potentially billions of gold and premium items into economies on several worlds.

We'll just have to wait and see what the state of the game looks like in a few days to try and realize what sort of impact the servers took from this whole issue.
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Re: Again??

Yes anything is better but, it not.
Why? Because it's been a continual problem for deca to achieve an effective game without the consistent in game issues.
We are still experiencing log on issues.
We are experiencing extended downtime issues.
We are experiencing server connection issues.
Not to mention that being hacked and how it affected the game.

All of these issues are the reason why so many players have quit.
I'd say just ask them, but you can't because they quit.

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