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Hotfix 3.14.3


We are happy to inform you that the team will be applying a hotfix 3.14.3 on 9th of February which will include the following fixes:

Current tutorial issue and stages + Equip Helmet tutorial error message fixed
Quest icons issues fixed
Five toons UI limitation fixed
Bulk cooking limitation of max 10 recipes being able to process at once fixed
UI when attaching an important item in the mail fixed
Other UI reported issues fixes - including Clan Rank promotion button
White cubes in the Sahlemont Ravine fixed
Loading screen issue fixed
Scale and changing arrow UI for the barbershop fixed
Barbershop buttons fixed

With the hotfix the team will also activate the 1.5XP Dragon Demise event which will run from Thursday, February 9th and will go through until Thursday, February 16th, 2023.

The Celtic Heroes Servers will go down for maintenance on Thursday, for approximately 2 hour. The specific time of the maintenance will be announced tomorrow 1h prior to it.

Grab your weapons and prepare your spells, because we are going on a dragon hunt!

Mordris and Aggragoth will now call upon the aid of their elder dragon-kin Diothu to fight alongside them. During the battles of destruction, these three Monsters will have improved respawn time from 8h to 12h hours. Proteus Base and Proteus Prime respawn window is optimized to 45 minutes, down from 2h. Due to this call for destruction within the Dragon ranks, the peaceful people all across the Celtic World will need your help once again!

Keep an eye on the Special Offers tab, as our team has prepared for you some special free bundles to say thank you for your awesome patience and kind understanding. The offers will be available from February 9th until February 16th. The bundles will be non-tradable so please be careful with which character you are claiming them.

Once again we want to thank you for your amazing support, kind understanding and patience!

Happy dragon hunting!

Re: Hotfix 3.14.3


The Celtic Heroes servers are now open. Thank you so much for your patience!

Since there may be a lot of traffic at the moment while everyone is trying to log in the game at the same time, some of you may experience loading delays.

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