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DECA, please read this. (New game ideas/2022 Christmas DLC)

Hello, here are some ideas for the game as of December 2022 that could be easily implemented into the game(maybe not the dungeons but the rest should not be too hard).

~Adding a new type of leveling elixir/potions to chests and/or plat shop

+10x Elixer - 75 plat each
+12x Elixer - 110 plat each
+20x Elixer - 150 plat each
+Potion that increases your level by 1(no matter your level) or gives ___ amount of XP, that can be purchased in the plat shop
+Instant level 220 - 8000 plat
+Instant level 200 - 4000 plat
+Instant level 150 - 2400 plat
+Instant level 120 - 1600 plat

~Dungeons added the majority of the maps in the game

+Each map such as Murky Vaults, Carrowmore Tunnels, or Forbidden Halls, should have a dungeon that requires anywhere from 3 to 10 players to join, adding a chest at the end that everyone can open
individually. The chest could include newly added gear, elixirs, fashion, or tokens.
+Must be of a certain level to start a dungeon raid
+Must have a minimum amount of players to start, maybe include different types of raids per dungeon

~Christmas 2022 DLC/update

+Add a new type of chest that includes new fashion, and new mounts.
+Take care in designing this fashion as the previous devs made decimal fashion which speaks for itself, it is not very pretty or cool
+Use a previous or a new art competition to design a new mount or fashion, this is a great way to engage with your consumers/players
+Design a future chest for the 2023 spring season, and so on...

also can someone plz send a discord link, the ones that are posted do not work anymore, and also subscribe to my youtube @CelticEclipse

Re: DECA, please read this. (New game ideas/2022 Christmas DLC)

While I do understand (and agree with) wanting to ease the grind and make it easier for new players to work their way through the game and eventually make it to endgame, I don't think that buying levels is the way to do it. Adding much stronger exp elixirs is an interesting idea - not sure if that would have a net positive effect on the game or not.

Instanced Dungeons are something that players have been wanting pretty much since CH launched. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be very easily implemented into the CH game structure, so they would likely take much more work than it would seem in order to implement them.
That being said, I'd love to have a solidly implemented dungeon system that rewards teamwork and planning in small groups.

DECA had hinted in the past that they'd have a winter event/update - not sure if that's still the plan and it will come later this month, or if it got delayed to next month, or cancelled altogether.
If they do have a winter event/update, I'd love to see new fashion, new chests, new mounts and quests, etc. All this "reuse old stuff" is frustrating to see, though I understand why they do it (it takes minimal effort and players are semi happy with it).

I posted the CH discord link on your other post asking for it, but I'll drop it here as well - https://discord.gg/HSzEeA34py
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