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Update 3.13.0


Update 3.13.0 is right around the corner!

On Tuesday, October 4th at 9 AM CET the Celtic Heroes Servers will close for a 3 hour maintenance due to the new 3.13.0 version upload.
What the new update will include:

- CLAN BANKS: We are introducing the feature requested by our community members, allowing Clans to have their storage of items. Clan Banks are marked with the purple coin symbol on the map.
- ENGINE UPDATE: To ensure the game is running smoothly, we have updated the game engine to the latest version. Please let our team know of any bugs or weird things you'll encounter during your adventure.
- RANGER BUFF: Ranger's abilities Long Shot, Barbed Shot, and Steady Aim have received a buff to damage output. Barbed Shot is now also dealing additional damage over time.
- Various bug fixes and improvements

We want to thank you for participating in the Beta test and helping us deliver the new features with your amazingly precise reports, suggestions, and overall feedback!

- Your Celtic Heroes Team


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