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Rarest Items you have!

I thought this would be a fun thread to create! I'll start!
White Oni set. Only one on Rhiannon as far as I know, never seen another one.
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Re: Rarest Items you have!

Nicenice. I got the white dreaming helmet, but since it seems deca ain’t taking away that quest I quess it won’t be rare for to long :)
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Re: Rarest Items you have!

2011's Yule stave and (even rarer) the pumpkin wand from 2011's samhain event are two of my favorite items. Got misc other stuff like the Yule Cloud (no speed boost, super rare drop from the small mobs around Lirs Reach during the event), as well as various other items. I'm pretty proud of my mount collection - I'm pretty sure that I have a 5% mount from pretty much every event except 2011's Samhain event (those brooms of doom/dread etc).

I personally prefer the "cool" factor more than level of rarity or value lol.
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