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Thank you DECA!

I cannot thank DECA enough for adding lag to the game! It really makes you sympathize with the mental toughness your hero has to have to fight so many monsters. Fighting is an art, and it takes patience for the right moment to strike, and the attack lag just makes it that more immersive! It really shows that DECA cares about the players, and that they truly understand servers/computers, because it is clear the lag is on purpose for the player’s enjoyment. It has been going on for so long that u, the toxic and ungrateful players, can no longer assume incompetence, because who would let servers that laggy go on for that long on purpose? No no, it is done for immersion, so again, thank u DECA! Ur genius will be appreciated eventually.

Re: Thank you DECA!

That realy med me laugh. Thanks
Rabalder is a 2 world mage. If you see me in Crom or Epona, then it is realy me you see. If you see me somewhere else, just ignore it. It is fake and will probably not be as pleasant as the real thing :)

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