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So Acalos....

70% of the servers are down
Do we wait for them to come up, if youre working on them, at this minute....
Or do we come back in 10hrs cause nobody at Deca has noticed yet?
I'm guessing it's the latter, seeing that they've been down most of the day

Would be nice to know for sure

This is like playing with a snappy dog whose owner doesn't take Notice.
You don't let it keep biting you. How long till you find a less problematic dog?

Re: So Acalos....

The amount of time that it has taken DECA to establish any type of defense against the continuing attacks is very telling.

I can't imagine any other game being attacked continuously for so long without a fix.

Is there a ransom involved?

We all know Celtic Heroes is a money maker.

Are we hostages?


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