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Does anyone know the list of fishes available at the fishing spots for 150+ level fishing spots.

(I am looking for a brown fish to cook for the food that gives 60 concentration recovery in carrow)

Anyone know which fish is that and where do I fish for it ?

Re: Fishing

It's in carrow and fingal 180+ fishing spot. U need king anglers and gluper eels to make them....

King anglers are important for farming gold....sell them in shop u get 4k gold. So personally I don't recommend making these broths.

The most economical one is the broth from dunskeig sewers. Restores 50 concentration I believe.
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Re: Fishing

Using king angler for broth is a bad idea, better to just by potions from murky and use either the broth from fingle or stonvale. I farm king anlers while I’m farming for lanterns. And you will catch anywhere from 7 to 15 in an hour. Doesn’t sound like much but when your trying to farm 5k to 10k lantern fish for one level, they add up. Best thing to do is farm for Ursula bracers from Stonevale bears for the 20% reduction to fish pull or power or what ever it’s called. Basically causes your concentration to drain slower or by smaller amounts. Having the bear skill maxed out is also helpful, if the bear is lvl equivalent it’s attack will do just as much or more then your reel in skill. I suggest using the lvl 1 bear and a low level rod to train him up and just spam the skill with heroic wis. You’re better off selling the king anglers for sure. When you add it up with 1 king angler and 2 or 3 gulper eels, plus the saffron. That cavern broth is actually costing you over 5k to make. You can off set that a little if you catch 10 king anglers an hour and sell 6 of them. Make a small profit. I just choose to put them in my bank and let them add up to a good amount and sell them. Think the most I’ve sold was 300 at one time for 1.2 mil.

Sorry for the long post and good luck fisherman!

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