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Ability question…

I’m wanting to run a mainly caster build for full dps, and run a e/dl set with mord helm of secrets for added dps.

To do this I’m wanting to add auto attacks to my build, somewhat helping leveling but majority for bossing just to get a haste in and that extra divine damage.

So question.

I’m currently level 60 on this toon and hit a wall when I decided to add totems to my build. I have a Aggy book of focus/hp I intend to use once I level this toon a bit, but until then, what am I supposed to do for a totem before I get my h2h leveled? Should I stick to h2h now, and keep it when I get a mord book at eg? Or should I run a edl totem at eg (which I’d prefer to do, for the divine dmg proc)

I don’t understand what totem I can use at my level. There’s the ancient totem and that’s it. The stave in flint shop doesn’t use either h2h, staff, or totem ability so I don’t understand how I’m supposed to land hits with it at all

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